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Testimonials - read what my clients have to say! 

I started going to Jo's bootcamp class in January when my daughter was 3 months old. I have never been one to go to the gym so I was a bit nervous initially, but Jo was absolutely fantastic at making me feel welcome, comfortable and motivated straight away! Jo has really helped me get in shape and learn to enjoy exercise. 
My daughter has also enjoyed coming to classes with me every week - especially in the school holidays when Jo's girls were there to play with her! 
I cannot recommend these classes enough. Thank you Jo!!
Camilla Harris, November 2016 

I am so grateful to Jo, who helped me get into shape for my wedding day when my daughter was only 10 months old. It was so reassuring to find someone who understood my various post-natal complications as well as the challenges of exercising with a small baby! Her Mum’s Bootcamp sessions were great fun, varied and highly motivating, and always offered a range of exercise options to suit all levels of fitness and ability. My daughter loved it too- from when she was a tiny baby being rocked to sleep in the car seat by Jo, to being a bit older and giggling playing impromptu “tug-of-war” with a similar age boy using a skipping rope.

I would recommend her classes to anyone looking to improve their fitness and have fun whilst doing so. 

Thank you so much Jo!

Dr Claire Emerson, October 2016


I started working with the lovely Jo two months after I gave birth. I had three stone to lose and was feeling pretty rubbish about the challenge ahead of me. Jo was a breath of fresh air, her positivity and motivation kept me focused and committed throughout the long winter months and each week I saw the scales changing. A year later and I've lost two stone and racing to get the last bit of weight off. Jo has been an absolute pleasure throughout. Accommodating is an understatement as she has been unbelievably flexible around my work and childcare. The little one and the dog love her and we’ve become great friends... working out has never been so much fun! 

Jo Robinson, September 2016


Thank you so much for all your help and encouragement this year! The classes have been such a wonderful part of my maternity leave and there are weeks where they really kept me going in terms of energy levels!!

Amanda Medcalf, December 2015


At 9 weeks postpartum I felt the need to do a little bit more than walking/running to get back into shape. Thankfully a friend recommended buggy fit and I soon noticed drastic changes in my fitness. I began to integrate bootcamp after a month or so and quickly started to fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes.

Jo is a great motivator and it has been fantastic to meet other Mums in the same situation. My little boy even liked attending the classes and loved to watch everyone work out. I hope to find a similar program here in the US! 

Tracee Kean, June 2015


I was faced with being a bridesmaid early June having given birth mid Jan, with at least a stone to shift and lots of toning to do.

I was so pleased to hear about Bootcamp. It meant that I could get fit while not worrying about who would look after the baby. The format of half cardio, half pilates is great. I've really noticed a difference in my fitness since doing it and lost enough weight to feel confident in the bridesmaid dress.

Jo is great at multi - tasking, keeping us all going while keeping an eye on the babies too, it's true that she rocks prams if some are crying! It's also lovely to meet other Mums in the same situation.

Liz Houghton, June 2015


After the birth of my second child, I chose to start personal training to try and get back into shape. After my initial consultation with Jo, I knew straight away that she would be the ideal trainer for me – as I am a bit of an exercise-phobe, I needed someone who would be able to motivate and drive me, but in a friendly and reassuring manner. My training sessions were hard work, but over time I could see a difference in my fitness, and my energy levels have soared too (which is very much needed now!). Jo is also good company along the way and empathetic having two young children of her own. I am now also doing Buggyfit sessions with Jo as I really enjoyed her teaching methods and wanted to keep up with the exercising. I would recommend Jo, without hesitation, to any new mum looking to get back into shape quickly after having a baby.

Reena Menon-Deyne, June 2013


Jo’s classes are great for both beginners and those who are more experienced. When I started I had never done pilates before but Jo sets a good pace which is gentle on my post-birth body but also ensures that there is sufficient challenge for me. And she also provides lots of options to make the exercises more challenging should you wish to take it up a notch. Every time I master a move, Jo ups the ante so I am always getting more and more out of the classes. I’ve been really surprised how my body has responded and how quickly I have been able to master the moves. My 4 month old son also really enjoys the classes and is always watching Jo keenly as she wanders the class checking on all of us. But if he does suffer from a little inattention, Jo is always on hand to help keep him happy to allow me to keep up with the class.

Kate Huntington, May 2013


Jo is a superb personal trainer. I was woefully out of shape post the delivery of my daughter. Within six weeks of training with Jo, I was in better shape than before my pregnancy. Jo is both highly professional and fun to be with - a rare mixture.

Eva Berg-Winters, August 2013



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